VIDEO PYROMANIACS & pictures of fire related works

by shoshin

Pio Diaz

By Lisbeth Bonde

Old Houses Ablaze
Thyra Hilden & Pio Diaz destabilize European cultural history by setting monuments on fire.

The Danish-Argentinean artist couple Thyra Hilden & Pio Diaz set the monuments of western cultural history on fire in their joint and ongoing video project “City on Fire.” With their seductive and spectacular artistic gesture, they reveal the fragile and transitory nature of these man-made constructions, and thereby destabilize prevailing order. The old monuments serve as weighty expressions for western culture and identity, and have to a certain extent functioned as templates for later constructions in cultural history. As such they constitute a physical foundation for western self-understanding, which the two artists unpack and recast in their edgy work. The artist couple chose these historical monuments and institutions with great care, only to then consign them to the flames in their large-scale and dramatically staged work. These ephemeral works tend…

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