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Month: November, 2014

Performance art, post European aesthetic annoyance MF’s


Painting with Squid ink

I am currently absorbded in the etheric colour range of Noodlers inks a diversion for the moment, and this is really appealing on a tactile level.

ekaterina smirnova


During my summer art residency in Rocky Neck, MA I came across of a very unusual media – ink from squids, that I fished out from the Gloucester bay. This ink was very intense black marking everything around me, including my clothes. Squid spit it out as a protection reflex, in the water it is more efficient however, as it works as an escape mechanism. The reason that it is black – the main component – melanin.

I though of collecting this ink and use it as my painting ink (long ago  Cephalopod ink was commonly used for writing). There is a system to collect it correctly, but I did not know it then: squid ink harvest. It was a mess to collect this ink, I spilled it many times, squids would fall into my cup occasionally, they were slimy, so hard to hold. Ink was diluted with salt…

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More Artistic Influences – Anselm Kiefer

The Ohio Expressionist

To the Unknown Painter, 1983
The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

German artist Anselm Kiefer is a contemporary German artist who was born March 8, 1945 shortly before the end of World War II.  Kiefer’s work explores the themes of destruction and rebirth.  I have been intrigued by his work since my first introduction to Kiefer in the early 1980’s at the Carnegie Museum of Art while I was a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Kiefer describes his own artistic process as stimulated by Beuys’s philosophies: “Painting, for me, is not just about creating an illusion. I don’t paint to present an image of something. I paint only when I have received an apparition, a shock, when I want to ‘transform’ something. Something that possesses me, and from which I have to deliver myself.  Something I need to transform, to metabolize, and which gives me a reason to…

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work in progress Raven

Berlin marks 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall with installation by artist Christopher Bauder who recreates it using 8,000 illuminated balloons.

Click on this image to read more and type “balloons 8,000” into Google image search.