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Filou, der Zwerg, On Tour 2014



Halli Hallo

Nach unserem(ich spreche hier von meinem Freund, Fabian und mir) Interrailtrip mit vielen Eindrücken, vielen Erlebnissen und wunderbaren Momenten stelle ich nun die “erste Session” mit unserem Begleitmaskottchen “Filou, der Zwerg” online.

Paris und Amsterdam waren die Städte welche ihm auf unserer Reise am besten gefallen haben. Filou, welcher tatsächlich ein kleiner “Lausbub” ist, hatte viel Spass und brachte uns auch eine Menge Freude!

Die Reise startete in Paris, da hatte er am meisten “Auftritte”

IMG_5956 Filou vor dem EIffelturm, Paris. Man beachte den Himmel (Farben von der Französischen Wappen)

IMG_5880 Filou und Ratatouille in den Gassen von Paris am spielen.

IMG_5885 Filou und Notre Dame, wir haben vergebens auf den Glöckner gewartet. Dieser existiert wohl nicht mehr.

IMG_5876 Filou vor dem Louvre

IMG_5812 Filou vor dem Sacre Coeur

Filou und seine "Lieblingsband" Er und seine Lieblingsband. Die waren auch wirklich super!

IMG_5821 Filou und das Moulin Rouge. Trotz Bart war er zu jung und zu klein um es besuchen zu…

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Saturday September 18th-La Maison d’Erik Satie

Trois Morceaux en forme de poire

Le Grand Figaro

Le Figaro is clearly on its last legs….

With completely imbalanced wheels I could no longer steer it at any speed above 50kph.  And thusly we two trundled on towards Cherbourg.  The motorists on the motorways clearly delighted to see me.   Driving so slowly I was almost going backwards, I’d lost count of the number of fists that were shaken and horns that were blown.  Thankfully, without any rear view mirror view I drove on in complete oblivion.

 My detour off piste to the town of Honfleur however, was a definite requirement, the car on its last legs or not.  There was no way that I was leaving this country without getting a chance to visit the Musee Satie, the home of my most beloved composer Erik Satie. 

Many of you are familiar with my unrequited love of Satie.  Undervalued as simply an avant garde eccentric by many of his contemporaries, his music thankfully…

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World’s earliest ‘photo’ bomb

The intrigue of arguably the worlds earliest photo bomb, is also possibly the most boring of subjects. Fra Luca Bartolomeo de Pacioli (sometimes Paccioli or Paciolo; 1445–1517) is referred to as the Father of Accounting and Bookkeeping (he was the first to publish a work on double-entry system of book-keeping).[W]  He was also called Luca di Borgo after his birthplace. This painting of him, has been attributed to Da Vinci, Leonardo was known to be fond of visual puzzles.


Optic Ink

Jennifer Angus

Arranging Nature, Northern Illinois University

January 20 – February 25

Angus Arranging Nature

This exhibit is bright and fun! The gallery, located in the center of the art building at Northern Illinois University, is a good size space. For me, this was the largest wall-space installation that I have work on with Angus. Including some dense wall surfaces that made the job challenging at times. In the end it is always extremely rewarding to step back and take in the beautiful pattern that Angus creates.

20130118001Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118008Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118009Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118010Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118011Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118027Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118033Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118037Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118043Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118045Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118049Angus Install Dekalb NIU

20130118052Angus Install Dekalb NIU

Huge shout out to all volunteer help involved with this installation!

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Ta da!

Performance art, post European aesthetic annoyance MF’s

Painting with Squid ink

I am currently absorbded in the etheric colour range of Noodlers inks a diversion for the moment, and this is really appealing on a tactile level.

ekaterina smirnova


During my summer art residency in Rocky Neck, MA I came across of a very unusual media – ink from squids, that I fished out from the Gloucester bay. This ink was very intense black marking everything around me, including my clothes. Squid spit it out as a protection reflex, in the water it is more efficient however, as it works as an escape mechanism. The reason that it is black – the main component – melanin.

I though of collecting this ink and use it as my painting ink (long ago  Cephalopod ink was commonly used for writing). There is a system to collect it correctly, but I did not know it then: squid ink harvest. It was a mess to collect this ink, I spilled it many times, squids would fall into my cup occasionally, they were slimy, so hard to hold. Ink was diluted with salt…

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